Fire Detection and Extinguishing

Correct conduct in the event of fire - treating and evacuating the injured and leaving the site

Fire Detection and Extinguishing
Fire Detection and Extinguishing
  • Behavior during a fire in laboratories and in general
  • Behavior during a fire
  • Instructions on fire safety in a place of a mass gathering
  • Instructions on fire safety in nature
  1. Warn employees working in and around the laboratory and evacuate them.
  2. Inform the campus security center of the fire and its exact location.
  3. Operate the emergency switch to disconnect the electricity.
  4. Operate the fire emergency button.
  5. Close main gas taps, if they exist. In a limited fire (a flame covering an area of up to 1 square meter), according to judgment and on condition that you have undergone suitable training, use the extinguisher located in the laboratory or in the corridor. Do not use water to put the fire out.
  6. If the fire is more extensive, evacuate yourself and others from the building through the nearest fire-free doors and stairs. Do not use elevators.
  7. On your way out: close windows and doors behind you, if possible, in order to prevent the fire from spreading.
  8. Treatment of injured – extinguishing someone who is on fire:
    Use a fire extinguisher.
    Roll the person on the floor and/or cover them with a blanket or other garment and/or get them into an emergency shower.
    Do not try to remove their clothes after putting the fire out. 
  9. Person injured by smoke: get them outside into the fresh air.
  10. Report the injured person to the security center and use its help to call Magen David Adom services.
  11. When the security, safety, fire and Magen David Adom teams arrive, act according to their instructions and give them information about injured people, the possible reasons for the fire, hazardous materials in the laboratory, etc.
    Wait outside the building in a safe place together with the others evacuated from the building and check whether those who were in or near your laboratory have been evacuated.
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