Instructions & Appendices

Instructions & Appendices
Instructions & Appendices
Serial Instruction Document Serial Number Download
1 Order of Actions During Campus Emergency 03-001 Save
2 University Safety 07-302 Save
3 Integrating Safety Considerations in New Additional Building Design or Changes to Existing Buildings 07-303 Save
4 Safety in Handling Toxins (storage, moving, usage) 07-304 Save
5 Safety in Maintenance Work 07-305 Save
6 Repair and Cleaning of Sewage Pits 07-306 Save
7 Testing Dangerous Equipment 07-307 Save
8 Basic Rules of Conduct For a Laboratory with Chemical and Biological Materials 07-308 Save
9 Basic Rules of Conduct in Laboratories with Biological Materials 07-308A Save
10 Safety at Archaeological Work Sites 07-309 Save
11 Removing chemical waste from laboratories 07-310 Save
12 Washing laboratory equipment in the unit’s wash room ("kitchen") 07-311 Save
13 Rescuing a person trapped in an elevator 07-312 Save
14 Safety in autogenous welding and cutting works 07-313 Save
15 Safety for electric welders 07-314 Save
16 Safety for those working in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology or similar laboratories 07-315 Save
17 Safety for those working with pressure absorvers - for air and other gases, vapor and steam 07-316 Save
18 Safety for those working with mercury 07-317 Save
19 Safety for University Workshops 07-318 Save
20 Work Safety for building managers 07-319 Save
21 Safety for guides leading groups on campus 07-320 Save
22 Safety during yard and landscaping work 07-321 Save
23 Handling installed ventilation and air conditioning units 07-322 Save
24 Safety when working with ionizing radiation 07-323 Save
25 Safety during University study tours outside the campus 07-324 Save
26 Safety when using the University electricity system 07-325 Save
27 Safety when using auditoriums at the University  07-326 Save
28 Handling safety events and reporting accidents 07-327 Save
29 Instructions for Disinfection and Sterilization 07-328 Save
30 Safety when removing, disinfecting and sterilizing biowaste 07-329 Save
31 Procedure for Handling a Flammable Gas Leak 07-330 Save
32 Safety directives for contractors and visitors on a construction site 07-331 Save
33 Safety instructions for autoclaves 07-332 Save
34 Procedure for Ascending a Roof 07-333 Save
35 Safety when working with laser devices 07-334 Save
36 Safety Procedures for Renovation Works at Tel Aviv University 07-336 Save
37 Procedure for Transporting a Gas Cylinder in the University 07-339 Save
38 Vacating the laboratory of an academic faculty member who leaves/retires from Tel Aviv University 07-340 Save
39 Safe entry to MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) rooms  07-341 Save
40 Procedure for Handling a Fire in the MRI Room 07-342 Save
41 Supply of clothing for unit, protective clothing and safety equipment 07-343 Save
42 Procedure for approving and controlling the introduction of new risk agents to Tel Aviv University 07-344 Save
43 Identifying and Removing Hazards/Risks 07-345 Save
44 Vaccinations Procedure at Tel Aviv University 07-346 Save
45 Safety Procedure for Operating Trash / Cardboard Box Compactor at Tel Aviv University 07-349 Save


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