Select Agents

Select Agents
Select Agents

The term "Select Agents" relates to a specific list of biological factors (germs, viruses, etc.) and toxins which have been determined to pose possible threats to the health of the general public, to animals, to plants or to animal and vegetable products.


This list includes 67 biological factors and toxins, the use of which is controlled by the law: The Biological Select Agents Research Regulation Law.


In the framework of the law a council is appointed - "The Council for Regulating Research of Select Agents," which regulates the framework and the law for authorizing institutions that are permitted to possess and/or carry out applied or diagnostic research of pathogens and to supervise them.


The University Committee for Regulating Research of Biological Select Agents

The Tel Aviv University has received authorization as an accredited institution, and in accordance with the law’s requirements has established an internal committee consisting of six members:

  1. Committee chair - Prof. Daniel Wreschner
  2. Prof. Itai Benhar
  3. Prof. Gil Segal
  4. Prof. Danny Cohen
  5. Dr. Esther Michael
  6. Ms. Lea Pais


Process of applying for a permit to work with Select Agents

A researcher who wishes to work or possess one of the materials that appear in the list of pathogens must fill in the application forms for a permit to possess Select Agents, and send it to Dr. Esther Michael, the biology safety officer. After the application is examined by the Safety Unit and the security unit, it will be examined by the institution’s committee. Work may begin only after an official permit is granted. 

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