Radioactive Waste

Radiation safety instructions for handling radioactive waste

Radioactive Waste
Radioactive Waste

Radiation safety instructions for handling radioactive waste are as follows:


  1. Do not throw radioactive, chemical or biological waste into the regular garbage.
  2. Do not pour radioactive liquids down the sink or drain.
  3. A mixture of chemical or biological substances with radioactive materials is to be disposed of as radioactive waste.
  4. Do not accumulate waste in the work stations and the laboratory. At the end of an experiment or at the end of the work day, remove the radioactive waste from the laboratory to the waste room.
  5. Radioactive waste must be removed only in designated bags.
  6. Garbage bags designated for radioactive waste are to be closed, securely tied and deposited in the yellow barrels in the waste rooms.
  7. Garbage bags are designated for radioactive waste only and it is strictly prohibited to use them for other waste.
  8. Disposal of waste from laboratories will be carried out only by workers who have received permission to work with radiation.
  9. Cleaning workers are not permitted to dispose of radioactive waste.
  10. Disposal of sharp waste (syringes, broken glass, etc.) will be carried out after suitable treatment (the syringe is to be returned to its original packaging, the broken glass is to be collected in a plastic or metal box, the box is to be closed well and only then it is to be placed in the radioactive waste bag).
  11. Barrels are to be stored until their removal to the waste site at the Nuclear Research Center.
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